Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bonfire In Spokane

My sister Kristen and her family are living in Germany right now, her husband Gary is a dentist for the Air force. Since they came to visit for the summer, Hayden and I took a trip to Spokane to see her and the kids, as well as the rest of my family. Living in Rexburg and having to work we only make it to Spokane one to two time a year so its always nice to go visit. While we were there visiting we had lots of fun, one of the things we did was go out to the property and have a family bonfire.
Hayden and Kristen sitting around the fire on a log
Hayden drinking his juice, he is just like his Pacca and love to drink juice, although Hayden will drink water too
Hayden and Thature eating hot dogsHayden getting dirty, having fun playing at the property
Going for a ride on Pacca's shouldersHe likes to just randomly fling himself backward, good thing Pacca was ready for him
Hayden and Uncle Jeff sitting around the camp fire. Jeff brought his hand gun to shoot, Hayden did not like it, every time they would shoot it he would start screaming and we were a fair distance away from them. I think it was hurting his ears or something
Hayden LOVES to going riding on anything with four wheels. Pacca has a tractor out at the property, he is clearing out all the trees so he can plant blueberry, he love them. =)
Doesn't like getting off
Back on the tractor with Uncle Landon

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Playing in Spokane

Hayden and Thatcher Playing the the so called sand box in the backyard. Hayden loved playing in the dirt getting dirty.
Hayden and Nathan playing in the kids pool, they wouldn't sit down the water was so cold
Kris took pictures of Briett's belly, Thatcher was just doing what his Mom was doing, showing off his tummy! It was very cute. Hayden on the other hand looked a little tired and not really interested in me taking a picture.
At Great Grandpa Leo's and Great Grandma Helen's house for a visit. The boys were playing on the back of the trailer.
The inspiration of getting Hayden a little bike for his birthday. He loved playing on it, even though his short little legs couldn't reach he still managed to have fun pushing/riding it around on the deck.

Hayden resorted back to babyhood. Several occasion he was found climbing into this little baby toy, but once he gets in he can't get out by himself. As you can see i think he's out grown it, but that's not stopping him.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Visiting Great Granpa and Grandma Lee

While visiting Spokane we took a trip to Cour D'Alene Idaho to see my Grandpa Leo. It is always good to see him, and we don't get to visit him all the time. All of Grandpa's kids (my Mom being one of them) and the husbands went out to dinner, us grand kids and great grand kids were not invited. So, we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house and had pizza. The kids loved itIt was a hard task to try and get everyone to smile and look at the camera at the same time, we did our best though.Hayden showing me that he is eating his food all gone, silly kid. He gets that from his Dad. haha
A four generation picture with my Mom, Sandra, Grandpa Leo, myself, and Hayden. This may never happen again, but I sure hope it does.
Grandpa Leo, Hayden and myslef. Hayden wanted down so he could go play with the other kids; Thature on the trailer
Hayden and Thature playing on the back of Grandpa's trailer. They do love each other, even if they do fight over toys during the day.

Swimming in Spokane

Hayden and I had the chance to go to Spokane for a week while Dad had to stay home for school. The doctor at my work took the week off so I decided that we would go up to Spokane to see my sister Kristen and her family while they were here from Germany for the month. We not only saw them but the rest of the family as well! We started the week out with swimming, but only had one day of it since the rest of the week it rained. But the swimming we got in, Hayden sure had fun. Despite the fact the one time he almost drowned. Not really but it sure was an eye opener for my self. I was on the deck putting sunscreen away and saw Hayden on the steps in the shallow end and then his head was gone. I ran down there to see him try very hard to keep his head above water, while his little cousin was just watching him. I quickly said "Grab him". Lets just say I had my eye on him even closer after that. I think I might put him in swim lessons this year! All in all Hayden had fun swimming for the day.

Blowing up the kids pool with Aunt Kristen
Sucking the water out of all the sponge toys
Wanting to be like his cousins and wear the cool goggles
A little shy after we all started laughing at him
Swimming in the raw with Paca

Spokane Fish Hatchery

During our trip to Spokane my sister's and there kids all piled in the cars and drove to the fish hatchery just a few miles from my house. We walked around and looked at all the little fish in the pools and ventured are way to the big pools with the BIG fish. Hayden had fun looking at all the little fish.
Hayden, Aunt Kristen, and Cousin Nathan waiting on the steps while others use the potty

Hayden awaiting his turn to get some fish food. Probably a little unsure of what the others were doing, but if they were doing it, it must be fun! Hayden, cousin Aaron, cousin Tacey, cousin Nathan.
Trying to help Hayden get his fish food. Since the other kids lost most of there food I figured it would be best. Look at all that wasted food on the ground, don't worry though the kids made sure to pick up every little piece to feed to the fish.
Hayden not so sure why he has to stand in front of the fish food but did it so well! Thanks Buddy!
Hayden and Nathan feeding the BIG fish
Hayden, Cousin Nathan and Cousin Aaron pose for another picture feeding the fish
Now every time we drive by water Hayden always says "fish scary" I guess he doesn't really like big fish in his swimming water all that much, but I don't blame him i don't like big fish all that much myself
Throwing his fish food, it was fun to see the fish gravitate to it, maybe that's why he is scared of the fish now. haha

Hayden's had enough feeding the fish and is so ready to go

Hayden and Cousin Thatcher exploring other parts of the fish Hatchery, oh the trouble these two cause. haha Not really they have so much fun together!
One last group picture. Me, Kris, Nathan, Tacey, Aaron, Briett, Thatcher, and Hayden