Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dinner with Porter

How cute is that messy face!


Grandpa and Grandma came to visit us for the weekend! It was a blast to have them here, the boys love when they come to visit. It was a weekend filled with lots of yummy food and playing around the house, reading books, and playing at the park! The only pictures taken were when we went to Big Juds! It was a fun night with lots of yummy greasy food! It was fun to have them here with us, thanks for coming to visit! As Porter would say, love you "Bompa" and "Gama"!

Porter's First Big Jud burger!
Hayden's likes his hamburgers!
Grandma's mouth is not big enough for that beast!
Hayden and Grandpa having a blowing contest through the straw, I think Hayden won! =)
Just the right size! We ended up splitting it into quarters and we still couldn't devour that beast, maybe next time!