Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Picture

Monday, October 12, 2009

The horse is here

We got Duke in Provo Utah from a friend when he was 2 mo old. look how cute he was, I couldn't turn him down. TJ always wanted a dog and so I called him, later that night he came over to see if he was worth it, and as you can see he was. We lived in an apt. at the time and the owner would not let us keep him inside, now what were we to do? Well, TJ worked for Carter construction where they said we could build him a place to live there and kinda be a guard dog! SO for the first year of his life he lived at the shop.
We would take walks down by the river, Duke did not like the water at first but he eventually learned to love it!
He was so fun to have around and go on walks and play with. The time came when I finished school, we moved back to Rexburg, bought a house with no fence, and Duke had been living in Rupert for a couple years. While he was there his baby brother Hayden was born!
Now that Hayden has grown up to be a big boy, Duke has become his horse. Although, hes not always so sure of the large "Puppy"
He LOVES when TJ will Play with him

He likes the go to the river while TJ and his Dad try to fish, but really he likes to scare the fish away.
He is such a beautiful Pup
It is nice to have him back with us now that we have a fenced yard!
Hayden is still warming up to him, but all in all he loves having his PUPPY.
Now he just needs a "BUDDY"