Friday, April 23, 2010

AZ Part 5- The END

Our last night in Arizona we decided to stay close to the hotel. The place we ate was called Famous Dave's. I had never eaten there but TJ and everyone else had. It is a BBQ type restaurant, which I love. This is Wilber the Pig, whom Hayden was not so sure of.
For the second picture he was even a little more unsure of Wilber. But it sure was fun for his Dad!
Hayden's friend Issiah loves lemons, they gave him one and he was even about to eat the skin. We thought we would let Hayden have a try to see how well he liked it, we finally got the reaction that we always wanted! The first time we gave it to him when he was little he liked it, but this time there was no getting him to have any more. After eating we headed back to the hotel room as we were getting in the car we discovered that Hayden had an accident that extended up his back, not so much fun! Good thing for us the hotel was just right there.This was us in the AZ airport waiting to fly back to SLC. It was a crazy morning but we managed. We ate breakfast at the hotel around 6:45 and then left for the airport around 7. When we got there the boys had to take the rental cars back, so they dropped us off with three kids, two car seats, two strollers, and about 6 bags. Its a good thing that Ashley and Mark were traveling home with us because I don't think we could have managed. While waiting in like to check our bags I realized TJ had my Drivers license. Not good since that's what you need to ck your bag. I figured I would be just fine because the line to check bags was so long. But a nice Bagging lady pulled us aside to a different line that was much shorter just for families with kids. She must have seen the big gaps we were leaving trying to move all of our bags!=) It was probably a pretty funny site to see. Well now I am freaking out again because I still don't have ID, and now my wait is nothing. Well, to make a long story short they ended up checking my bags, gving me both TJ and my boarding pass without any ID at all, except Hayden's birth certificate. I guess freaking out at the front desk can get you somewhere.

The final picture of our trip. We are back in SLC and the boys finally get a plane picture! Only 4 more hours in the car til we are actually home! Hayden did end up sleeping most of the way home in the car. All in all our trip was a success and we had a blast. Next time we will have to make it a little longer, Friday to Sunday morning just didn't cut it!

AZ Part 4- Bass Pro

Right next to our hotel there was this huge Bass Pro shop, so of course we had to stop and take a look. We only had an hour there so we had to do a quick walk through, TJ probably could have spent a couple more hours there. If only we had money to spend he could have bought himself something nice. =)
The was a long day for Hayden because we went to the Zoo, Swimming, and now the Bass Pro Shop. At this point he was pretty much done being in the stroller and taking pictures.
This place was huge. I didn't get to take all the pictures I wanted because my camera was on its last leg. This was the front of the store.
We tried to get Hayden to make a scared face but he was not having it, or when he did make it the camera a too slow for him. Dad is doing a great job though.
Whats one more bear picture!

This was as close to a Rhino as we will ever get, or would want to get. This room was where all the really old and expensive guns where. We looked at one and it was like $68,000, no thank you!

I didn't realize how big elephant tusks can get, but holy smokes! I'm glad I didn't encounter that elephant.
Maybe someday we will have a canoe but for now this will do!
Starting driving young with this one, Dad don't get any ideas! So in the hour that we had at the store it was pretty fun.

AZ Part 3- Pool Time

I guess we don't go to the pool enough and go swimming because Hayden was not so sure of the BIG bathtub at first.
It was funny because TJ would tell him to come over to him, and he would go up to him just out of reach and then run away. At this point he was still not real comfortable with the pool just yet.
He finally joined his Dad in the pool but still not so sure about this big bathtub.
Trying to get him used to the water still. His friend Issiah loved the pool and Hayden couldn't keep his eyes off of him.
Trying a little jumping action from the side of the pool. His friend Issiah was doing it so I guess he thought he would give it a try.
The side of the pool was a little high so he went for the stairs instead. All in all the boys had fun swimming, me on the other hand didn't get to go so I watch from the side lines.
Relaxing before it was time to get out and get ready for dinner.
On Saturday we decided to go to the Zoo. Its been along time since TJ and I have been and we thought that Hayden would have fun looking at all the animals.
Hayden really liked looking at all the animals. When we would let him out of his stroller he would go wild. He climbed up this little fence so he could get a better look at the Zebras. It was so fun to see how excited he would get at looking at the Zebras
Th Mama Zebra and her baby. We went to the zoo and Saturday and she had the baby on Tuesday. It was so cute.
This picture was taken at the end of our time at the Zoo, Hayden had just about had enough. It was a pretty warm day he was hot, hungry, and tired.
The Big Rhino, it was so hot that most of the animals were far way from us trying to get in shade. To bad for him, he is so big and that he couldn't shade himself very well.

A family picture in front of the giraffes, they were a little far, so we walked over to the other side to get a closer look. Hayden also loved see them.

It was perfect the giraffe turned for just a second to pose for my one picture.
Hayden decided that he wanted to kick back and relax in the shade for just a second. His cute but expensive $10 safari hat that we bought him so he would get burnt. Surprisingly enough he acctually kept it on, thats a first.

The Tiger was pretty much the only animal that wasn't asleep.

A pose with the turtle. We could of had the boys put there heads through the head, but we just didn't want to have to deal with taking them out of the strolers so you get the back side.
"Hayden what does a lion say?" Roar!!
The big but sad looking elephant. This was the first big animal that we looked at.
I thought this was a cute little picture. Even if Hayden or his Dad didn't want to take the picture in the first place, I love it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AZ Part 2- The Temple

Our little family picture in front of the AZ temple. We took this while waiting for the bride and groom to come out. We had to wait for a little bit because there were so many weddings going on that day.
Hayden and his friend Isaiah entertaining themselves while waiting the the hot sun for over an hour. They were getting pretty board of having to stay put for so long. All in all they did pretty darn good.
TJ finally came out from the temple so Hayden had someone who could play with him, and i had someone to control his wild child.
All TJ's old roommates together once again. They had fun remembering there younger days. They all look a little fatter, shorter, and balder! hehe Just kidding. It was fun to see them all together again, and they had some good laughs.
I wasn't around for this picture but Britt was able to capture the moment. TJ and Bernie ran into some old friends at the AZ temple. So, not really. This is Dennis Pitta and Max Hall from the BYU football team. I guess they are both from there and were just doing a session. When the boy spotted them I guess they acted like little school girls. I think this might have been a major highlight of the trip for TJ.
The reason for the trip to Arizona in the first place. This is TJ's old roommate Brandon and his wife Mallorie. I didn't get to go in for the sealing, someone had to watch the little man. After waiting out in the heat for over an hour the newlyweds decided to greet us. Mr. and Mrs. Pope, they both looked great and very happy. It made me think back on the day we got married and when you first walk out of the temple and all eyes are on you, and how happy you are! I can't believe its almost been four years for us, wow time sure does go so fast. And we are still just as happy, most days! =)hehe

AZ Part 1- The Plane Ride Over

Our first night we drove to Utah where we stayed in a hotel close to the air port since we had to be there by 730. We had to wake Hayden up and he likes to sit on the potty in the morning before he wants to take a shower. Well this time when he sat on the potty he actually went pee! TJ was funny because we was not ready for him to start peeing and lets just say he was not over the seat all the way, serves his dad right! =)

This was the shuttle ride from our car over to the air port.

Hayden's first plane ride adventure, and it may be his last! No, he did great! It was a good thing that all the seats where not full because it allowed us to have a seat for him to move back and forth. He loved getting a treat and looking out the window. Im not so sure how enjoyable the plane ride was for the people sitting in front of Hayden, sorry for them!

We did not take this trip alone. TJ friend Bernie and his wife Britt and two kids were along for the ride as well. We had our hand full of kids, car seats, and suitcases! This is the shuttle over to pick up our rental car.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Thanks to Aunt Brit, Hayden had a GREAT Easter Sunday! I happen to get sick on Saturday and did not do much of anything except try to get better. TJ and Hayden were invited up to Brit's parents house in st. Anthony where he is very much spoiled! TJ said he could not get enough of dying eggs, dropping them in the dye as fast as he could! Thanks again aunt Brit and the Trost Family!