Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blast From The Past--Just The Two Of Us!

So we started using our old computer to let Hayden Play on. I was looking through it I found all these old pictures that I had forgotten all about. Crazy that some of these pictures were 5+ years ago. The Past 5 years have gone so fast and so much has happened to us and changed in the last 5 years. Both of us are done with school, Yeah!! We have two amazing little boys whom we love so much, a place to call home....the list goes on! It's been fun for me to look at these old pictures, it brings back some fun memories! Looking at each other, we both have gained a little weight (haha), Have a little more wrinkles, a little less hair (TJ I mean, J/K Love you babe), and a lot less energy then we did 5 years ago. Thank goodness for pictures, I have never been great a writing things down so I'm glad I at least have LOTS of Pictures!