Thursday, November 18, 2010

The last 10 weeks

The last ten weeks have been so much fun being able to stay home with my boys, but my time is up. I go back to work on Monday, I have mixed emotions about going back to work. I love what I do and the people I work with, but leaving my boys 3 days a week and taking them to daycare just makes going to work so much more difficult. Its been an adjustment staying home for both myself and Hayden(Porter doesn't know any better) but i am used to it now and now we have to adjust all over again. Lets just say I am not looking forward to mornings. I will have to wake up and pump for a half hour, shower, get ready, eat breakfast, make lunch, get both boys ready and fed and out the door between 7 and 7:10 to have the boys at daycare by 7:20 and myself to work by 7:30. Yes I should/will have TJ's help but TJ is kinda slow in the mornings. And to top it off we only have ONE vehicle! I know what I want for Christmas and my birthday for the next ten years, it doesn't hurt to dream!=) So, the last ten weeks have been a blast. We have stayed in our pj's all day on several occasion, watched movies galore, read books, danced around in the front room, baked in the kitchen, took naps, had snuggle time (which is my favorite), taken pictures, had lots of visitors and so much more.
Hayden having one of his snuggle times with his brother. It fun for me to watch and have Hayden come up to me and ask, "can I hold it Mom?"
One of my favorite times of the day, look how peaceful, cute, and BIG he is.
It's even better when I get both of them sleeping at the same time. Hayden caught with his thumb/ entire hand in his mouth.
I guess he thought it would be more fun to try and color with the crayons between his toes. He makes me laugh.
It's very rare to see him sad, but when he is I love his little face. Although we went in for Porter's 2 month well baby check and he had his vaccines, I found out today he does not do well with shots, lets just say it has been a very long and fussy day for the poor boy.
I have to pump almost after every time I feed Porter to try and have a stash for when I go back to work on Monday, I guess Hayden has caught on. He has also tried to feed Porter, its pretty funny. Don't worry TJ makes sure he know that he can't and only Mom and make milk. haha
Handsome little man, growing up and getting too big!
I love this stage when they start smiling and looking at you and cooing, wow before I know it I will be doing a post about how he's rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time!
Hayden loves taking baths and showers. But recently his Dad has taught him to fill his mouth full of water and spit it out, usually trying to spit it at each other. Well when I give Hayden a bath i'm not as fun and Dad and lay down the law of no water in his mouth. Yeah right,see how scared he looks of me, who am I kidding.
Look at them muscles! Oh how I am going to miss being home all day with these two little dudes in my life, but when we are home all together we are sure to have fun.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Porters Blessing Day

Porter Scott Anderson was blessed by his Dad, TJ on November 7, 2010 in the Evergreen Ward, Rexburg Idaho. TJ did a great job, and gave a wonderful blessing. TJ came up with the name Porter and Scott is the name of both our Dad's, so Porter was named after both Pacca and Grandpa. We had both family and friends come into town for the blessing, it was so good to see all of them and we appreciate there support during Porters special day. This time around I took lots of pictures, with Hayden's baby blessing I was very disappointed with myself because I took maybe one picture of the entire day. Since it was day light savings we were able to get an extra hour of sleep which was very much needed. Church was not until 1:30 but we are usually late so today I got an early start at getting ready so we wouldn't be late. I got myself ready first, then made the rest of the soup for the lunch after, got Hayden showered and dressed, house picked up, Porter fed more then once, Porter dressed, and pictures taken. It was a busy morning/day. After the blessing everyone headed to our house for lunch and to visit. It was fun to visit with all our family and friends. TJ and I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives. That night TJ and I were talking and TJ said, "That was fun!" So thank you to all our family and friends for a fun day!
Porter in his blessing outfit that Grammie got him, he looked so handsome in it
Picture with both TJ parents and my parents
Picture with TJ'parents
Picture with my Parents
Our little family
One of few pictures with me and Porter (Im usually the one behind the camera)
Porter and his Daddy
Grammie, Pacca, and the boys
Pacca and Porter
Grammie and Porter
Grammie, Pacca, and Porter
Grandma, Grandpa, and the boys!
Grandpa and PorterGrandma and Porter
Grandpa, TJ and Porter (Three Generations)The blessing circle
(Sam, Aaron, Uncle Gary, Pacca, TJ, Porter, Grandpa, AJ, Bernie, Brandon)

Halloween 2010

This Halloween has been fun because Hayden actually is getting into it and understands it a lot more. We were going to go to the pumpkin patch but could not find one in Rexburg any where, we ended up going to Albertson's and getting to pick a pumpkin out from the pile there. None the less Hayden still had fun! A couple weeks after getting the pumpkin we carved them with some friends. TJ and Hayden had one pumpkin and I had the other. They had alot of fun!

Hayden in the middle of all the pumpkins at Albersons
Carving pumpkins with the Watts, Haydens ready to carve with his apron on
Daddy and Hayden with the finished jack-o-lantern
Porter and I chilling on the couch while everyone else is working on there pumpkin
Hayden in his Dino costume, he loved wearing it til he was supposed to and then it was a fight to get it on him. In his defense we had to wake him up from naps both times to go trick or treating so he was still on the tired side. No one likes being woke up from a nap
Ridding around with his costume on, he was watching "How to train a dragon" while wearing his costume. He loved that movie.My friend Brekke let us borrow this little outfit her little Crue wore last Halloween. Porter on his First Halloween as a cute little pumpkin.
Love the back side of this, cute little bum!