Friday, March 25, 2011

Utah Trip

Our little weekend trip to Utah was all too fast. We went down for TJ's last roommates wedding. We both had to work on Friday so we left after work and came back home Sunday afternoon. We stayed at a Marriot hotel in Draper Utah. Can I just say how much I love staying in hotels. I had the best two nights of sleep ever. Not that I didn't have to get up with the boys because I did, but the bed was so comfortable and BIG! Going from sleeping in our full size bed to a queen size bed was amazing, and having fresh bed sheets and someone else making your bed everyday, I could reallyget used to this! haha Not to mention not having to make breakfast in the morning or clean up. Honestly, if we could afford to stay in hotels all the time I totally would! Our trip went like this.....
-Wake up eat breakfast, and get ready for the wedding
-Drive to the Salt Lake Temple for the sealing at 12
-Eat at Taccanos after pictures
-Go to Costco
-Go back to the hotel for a few minutes
-Go to the wedding reception
-Go back to the hotel and go swimming
-Go to bed
-Wake up eat breakfast, get ready for church
-Go to church
-Need lunch, go to Chuck Arama
-Drive back to Rexburg
It was a very quick trip packed full of plenty to do.
Hayden loved the temple! He still talks about it to this day and say's "lets go see temple Moroni"
This is Hayden's friend Isaiah. While the BIG boys were in the temple sealing Brittany and I got to stay out with the boys. These two when together can be little terrors. They are constantly running around and very curious about everything. Brittany was watching all the boys at one point because an older temple worker walked up to me and started talking to me, and would not stop. I was trying to show him that I was a little busy with watching kids but he didn't seem to get the picture. I was only saved when Britt ran over with Hayden and said he had to go potty! I hadn't been more excited to take Hayden to the bathroom!
I was hard to keep them still but we managed to have them hold still for a second to take this picture. Hayden also sat down by me for a while when I pulled out his bagel, what can I say he's like his Mom and loves food.
Hayden smelling the flowers, not that they had many to smell. I think he just wanted to get as close to the dirt with out being in trouble. Kids are so good at being cute so they don't get in trouble.
Little Porter just chilling like a good little baby he just sat there patiently
Hayden climbing all over the temple stairs, who knows how many wedding pictures he was in of all the wedding parties that came and gone while we waited for the boys.
TJ finally taking his turn of chasing/playing with Hayden while waiting for the bride and groom to come out.
Our family picture in front of the SLC temple doors. Can you see Hayden, he trying to wiggle his way down this kid would not sit still for anything!
At the reception, all the boys together again.
(Brandon, Nate, TJ, Bernie, Joey)
The reason for the Utah vacation, the happy couple themselves, Joey and Shawnee Conway!