Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Andersons

This year we spent Christmas in Rupert with TJ's family! We all had a blast, TJ went goose hunting and actually shot his first one! We also went four wheeling in the snow, that was an adventure. We ended up getting stuck in the BIG snow drifts a couple of times and mostly just giving our selves brain freezes because it was so cold. We ate lots of Christmas goodies and just enjoyed being home all together. Hayden loved all the attention he was getting from his grandma, grandpa, and his aunts and uncle, what a spoiled little boy he is!
This is his little car that Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got him. He loves to play with this car all day long! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Anderson!
I had to put this one up! ITs TJ's first goose that he has actually shot and been able to take home. So proud of him, its only been a couple years of this and now he has something to show for all the money spent on his hunting things! Yeah babe way to go!
So Tj's parents have had this thing for years (i think) but Hayden loved it! It has the Disney characters that pop out of the houses and sing songs, he was just lay there and try to push them back in there houses, it was so much fun to watch him with this fun little toy!
This is my little SANTA BABY!
I made this snowman between thanksgiving and Christmas. It was given to me last year from Tj's mom and I just hadn't had time to paint it, as you can see he still has no eyes and mouth, but Hayden loved to play with him, I'm thinking he liked it because the snowman was just his size! Whatever his fancy was for it, it sure did make us laugh at times.
I don't know if you can tell what movie this is that Hayden is watching but he absolutely loved the "Polar Express". I cant tell you how many times he watched it this Christmas but I am so ready for a different movie. Don't get me wrong I love this movie but not three times a day for a month.
For some odd reason he had a fascination with looking into the glass balls and looking at his reflection, why is that?=)
Hayden wanted so badly to help his dad with putting the lights on the tree, so we settled for a picture instead.