Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hayden Wanted In On The FUN!

I have been trying really hard to not ignore Hayden with the arrival of Porter. When Hayden wants me to hold him or play with him I try and have TJ take Porter or I will lay him down if I can. During Porters pictures Hayden wanted to take some of his own, so once Porter had had enough Hayden and I went back in the room and had a little fun! He is such a good big brother and has done really well with the adjustment. These last couple weeks we have watched a lot of movies and with the weather getting colder now we will probably be watching more movies and playing inside but he has been a big help! Here are some of handsome Hayden's pictures!

Mister tough guy!
All smiles, I love his smile/laugh!

10 dayold Porter to 2 year old Hayden, what a difference in the basket! =)

Just sayin cheese, he always does a thumbs up when he says cheese (not really sure where he picked this up from) =)
Last shot, he's had enough. Well done Hayden!
I love being able to stay home with the boys, although I think I am more tired now then I was when I was working. Now I am starting to think that work will be a nice little break once I go back, It will come before I know it.

Porters 10 day old Photos

While my sister Briett was here we (Briett) thought it would be fun to try and take some new born picture of Porter. She has had them taken of her kids by her friend who is a photographer, so we thought we would try and be photographers. With the lack of experience and lack of a nice camera, I think we did a pretty good job! First off Briett said we had to have a space heater (which we had) on so that Porter would be warm and fall into a deep sleep. That being said it was plenty warm, Porter didn't really ever fall into a deep sleep, and we had two little helpers (Hayden and Thatcher) who were more work then anything, trying to keep them quit and out of the way. But all in all we got some pretty good shots. Briett was the back drop holder and placement of how Porter would pose, and I snapped the shot. It was a fun time! Porter is 10 days old in these photos, they get big so fast!

Photo 1
Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7
I am planning on enlarging one of these pictures for the wall, I would love to know which one you like best, gives us your input if you wish!