Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It was a great day for sledding. TJ thought it would be fun to take the boys (Hayden) sledding since he loves sledding down the little snow pile in the front yard. Lets just say he had a blast, as did we! We went up to the hill at BYU-I next to all the fields. There was not a ton a people there and we had our own little spot. We had tons of fun, at least I did. We went with our friends the Popes and TJ's sister Katy! We will have to wait till the next great day for sledding!
The sledding gang. (TJ, Hayden, Brie, Katy, Porter, Brandon, Malorie)

Porter all bundled up, like a little snowman
One of few pictures taken of the two of us since we have had kids
Walking up to the hill, Hayden's no dummy he has the right idea if you ask me.
Going down the big hill with Dad, look at the smile on both faces!
Flying solo, he is growing up so fast. Fearless!
Ready for another run, "lets do it again"
Still all smiles, this kid did not want to stop
Dad made him crash. He even got a little shiner on his eye, but it didn't seem to bother him. As he was sledding past Dad, Dad thought it would be fun to spin the sled in a circle, oh wait there goes Hayden! Funny thing, he thought it was fun, the only thing he said was, "my glove" as you can see the little glove in the picture
Going for a ride with my die hard sledder. He wasn't that excited as you can see. Every time he road with me he got snow in his face because I would drag my feet to slow us down. haha Poor kid.
I was proud of Hayden for not going potty in his snow suit, but really no bathroom close by. That calls for a teaching from Dad, peeing in the trees. haha it was pretty funny, Hayden thought he was pretty cool.
Me and my little snowman, he was such a trooper.
Malorie and Hayden, I think Malorie was more afraid then Hayden was, it was pretty fun to watch them go down together.
The girls, plus the cute little snow baby.Katy and Porter chilling at the bottom of the hill waiting for the next sled to head back up

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love them!

I can't get enough of my little boys! It is the best job in the world to be a Mom, I wish they would stay little forever. They are growing up way to fast and that makes me sad. I love every day I get to spend with them! I am one lucky Mama!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Growing boys

Just a few pictures of the boys from the past couple months. Porter is growing up so fast, he has rolled over a couple time from his tummy to his back, love to use his vocal chords to let us know that he is around, loves to watch his brother run around. This little boy is such a wiggler, he is always kicking his legs and flailing his arms and body around. He loves to chew on his thumb and finger, and is drooling like crazy, maybe we will see some teeth here pretty soon. We just took him to the doctor's for his four month well baby exam, he weighed in at 15.1 lbs (55%) and 26 inches tall(86%). As you can see he is growing up, Hayden was always in the high percentile for weight and low percentile for height. Hayden is such a great big brother, he has never once lashed out at Porter and is always willing to help me with his little brother. He is very protective of his family and will tell people, "that's my porter or my daddy/ mommy". At the start of the new year we took the plunge and potty trained, he did great! It took about a full week for him to totally have it down, and we still have a few accidents every now and then but for the most part he's done very well! Hayden is 2 and 1/2 years old and weighs 36 lbs. He is a bundle of energy and loves to horse around with his Daddy.

The Anderson house hold is doing great. TJ and I are staying busy, TJ is working in IF at Kingston Produce doing who knows what, (I don't really understand or know) and I am still working at the dentist office 3 1/2 days a week. They boy's are still going to daycare, Hayden loves it most of the time, dropping him off in the morning are the most difficult, but once I am gone he does great. I will get Christmas posted here in a few days.