Saturday, September 22, 2012

BYU-I Gardens

The boys and I went up to BYU-I gardens to have a little fun taking some pictures. I really want a nice new camera but the one I have did a good job. They both loved all the little water falls and ponds, we had to hit everyone of them in the gardens. I figured out it was a lot easier to take pictures of them separate then it was together, be we managed to get some cute ones! It all went well till Porter fell of the tree and landed on his face, poor guy! He let me take a few more pictures and was still a happy camper, now he just has a nice little shiner on his eye. We will be taking more once baby girl come, I know the boys will be so excited! haha

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Brynne said...

They are getting so big, Brie! Guess it's time for another! ;) Can't wait to see pics of baby sis!